Weed Dept  

Weed Board

The Uintah County Commission appoints a five member Weed Board to oversee the Weed Department and set Rules and Regulations. Each board member serves for a period of 4 years, after which he/she may be replaced or renew for another term.

Commisioner Mike McKee
Commissioner Duane Shepherd
oversees the Uintah County Weed Department.

The Weed Board members are:

Weed Board member, John Snow
John Snow from Jensen

Appointed: 03/1997
Expiration: 03/2020 (5 terms)

Weed Board member, Mark Kettle
Mark Kettle from Ballard

Appointed: 03/1993
Expiration: 03/2020 (6 terms)

Weed Board member, Tony George
Tony George from Vernal
Appointed: 03/2007
Expiration: 03/2022 (4 terms)

Weed Board member, Chip Goodrich
James Ingram
Appointed: 03/2017
Expiration: 03/2021 (1 term)

Weed Board member, Steve Hanberg
VACANCY (Contact Uintah County Commission to apply for this position)
Appointed: TBA
Expiration: TBA