Weed Dept  

Uintah County Noxious Weed Alert

Common Teasel Dipsacus fullonum
Discovered in 2013, Common teasel has not previously been known to exist in Uintah County. Teasel has been known to exist along the Green River below Flaming Gorge Dam down to Browns Park near the Colorado/Utah border. In 2011 the Uintah County Commission approved placing it on the County Noxious Weed List due to the threat of invasion.

In June 2013 the Weed Supervisor discovered a small patch along a pasture fenceline adjacent to Highway 40 east of Naples. The infestation appears to be from contaminated feed or a contaminated vehicle placed near the fence. It was controlled with Perspective herbicide @ 8 oz/Ac + Super Spread 7000 surfactant. It appeared that no teasel was able to reproduce after subsequent inspections in June and July 2013. The area will be inspected annually for at least 5 years to ensure no reproduction is occurring.

Common teasel infestion

Dyer's Woad Isatis tinctoria
Dyer's woad is not new to many parts of Northern Utah, however, thankfully it is very scarce in Uintah County. One small patch has been documented and controlled for many years on the Ashley Forest.

In June 2010 the Weed Supervisor discovered a small patch (less than a dozen plants) of dyer's woad near 3300 N. 250 W. in a waste area next to a home. The Weed Department has consistently controlled this patch each year by herbicide and hand digging. 2013 was the first year no dyer's woad was observed in the area since the discovery. This area will continue to be inspected for at least 5 years to ensure no reproduction occurs.

Dyer's woad infestion 2010

Dyer's woad infestation 2012